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Complete Equine Balance Training System - NP-154

Complete Equine Balance Training System - NP-154


The 'Balance Training System' not only helps develop a proper headset, but it teaches your horse balance at different gaits. With its use of a unique breeching and caveson unit, the balance training system helps to achieve a corrected headset and focuses on the important development of back and neck muscles. When you use only draw reins, you may achieve a corrected headset but it cannot teach your horse balance and strengthen the back and neck muscles at the same time.

The bit with the hanger attached will enable you to achieve a proper fit and will eliminate any interfering jerk or pull from the lunging caveson.


  • Surcingle
  • Caveson
  • Bit with Hanger
  • Bit Snaps
  • Bit End Pulleys
  • Elastic Lines
  • Breeching

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